How do I change my recovery phone on Gmail

Are you a gmail user or have an account on gmail. Gmail is the one of the leading email services providing company in the world with more than a billion user base across the world . With a span of decade of its launched since 2004 it has been adding milestone to its company through unique products and the striving towards more achievement with more than million of customer login into their website is the sheer appreciation of rise and the excellent customer service it provides to its customer over the course of time. But gmail user do faces certain technicality difficulties issues regarding How do i change my recovery phone number on gmail any standard mail services. In that case, one can directly contact the Google help centre or follow these procedures to solve the issue or One needs to follow these procedures to change the recovery phone number on gmail.

First of all, go to the Gmail and sign in giving the proper credentials of username and password.

Click on the settings and then click on account and import.

Then further click on the downside of change password and recovery option.

Then one new page will prompt out and scroll down the page and click on the phone.

Gmail will ask you to password once again in order to change your recovery phone number.

Write down the password and click on the next button.

Click on the edit button which is next to the phone number.

Delete the previous number and write down the current number .

An OTP will be send to the number and write down the number OTP password in order to confirm it.

But if one issue regarding change in recovery phone which helps in gmail password recovery . Then one can directly contact Gmail customer service by following these Procedures. Their technical team is well versed and trained individual with many years of technical experience in remote technical assistance to the user over a wide range of problems.


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