How to Setup Gmail on iphone

“How to Setup Gmail on iPhone? Get The Comprehensive Procedure Here.

Gmail is one of the best email service provider and offers multiple benefits and features. It supports most of the Operating System. Now get an access of Gmail on iPhone by following the simple and easy step.

How to Setup Gmail on iPhone

From your iPhone, go to the 'Setting' and then tap on “Mail, Contacts, and Calendar ”.

Now tap on “Account” from the 'Mail 'Section.

From the “Account” bar, tap on “Add Account” and select Google from the same.

Now enter your email address and password for the Gmail and then tap on “Next”.

After that, you will see the Synchronization of Gmail Services on your iPhone, tap on the sections which you would like to accept.

Next, save all the settings and to do same, tap “Save” icon available in the upper right corner of the page.

You are all done, if in future you want to modify the setting, then tap on Gmail from the “Account” section.

Hence the process as “How to Set-up…

How do I change my recovery phone on Gmail

Are you a gmail user or have an account on gmail. Gmail is the one of the leading email services providing company in the world with more than a billion user base across the world . With a span of decade of its launched since 2004 it has been adding milestone to its company through unique products and the striving towards more achievement with more than million of customer login into their website is the sheer appreciation of rise and the excellent customer service it provides to its customer over the course of time. But gmail user do faces certain technicality difficulties issues regarding How do i change my recovery phone number on gmail any standard mail services. In that case, one can directly contact the Google help centre or follow these procedures to solve the issue or One needs to follow these procedures to change the recovery phone number on gmail.

First of all, go to the Gmail and sign in giving the proper credentials of username and password.

Click on the settings and then…

How Do i Change my Phone Number on Google?

Want to Add New Number in Google Account? Get an Expert Solution.

Google Inc introduced unique and excellent features of email service, i.e. Gmail. The user can create an account at free of cost. The Gmail cloud service keep the emails safe and secure, the storage space is marvelous as you can send bulk emails consisting of files, data, music, videos and much more.

Gmail 2 step Authentication keep the user account in safe mode. This process link up the mobile number with an email account and whenever you sign-in with your email address and password, a security code will be sent by the Google on your mobile number and the same code you have to enter in the Gmail sign-in page. Hence it totally secures the account.

Some user often raise an issue “ How do I Change my phone number on Google”? The solution is very simple, just follow these useful steps to resolve this issue.

Google featured multiple apps, and if you have any Google account, then you can use the same with all, such as Gmail…

How can i recover my gmail account?

Get the way to recover Gmail account

To make your account secure from  hacking you need to enable two step verification process or you need to use a strong password for your account. Gmail account is used by million of users and they may save some personal information on their account. If their account is hacked by someone they need to recover their account to access that information.

How can i recover my gmail account

There are various process to recover your account. You can use your recovery email Id or your registered number to recover your account. You need to go the the sign in page and then enter your email Id. now click on the forgot password option. You will be directed to next page where you have to choose one option either your recovery Id or phone number. Now  a password reset code will be sent on your preference. Enter this code in the box and then type your new password click on save button. Now you can access your account by using the new password.

 If you don't hav…

what is the phone number for gmail tech support

Google provide a free email service to their users and named that as Gmail. This email service has become so popular and famous that all over the world, there are about billions of Gmail users who prefer using the Gmail account both for personal and professional usage. Inspite of it being one of the best in the digital world, the users do encounter trouble with operating Gmail account. Therein where Gmail Support Number offers a seamless and effortless platform for email exchanges. However, over the years Google has made the world smaller in terms of communications by not just enabling users to send and receive mails but also robust and secure storage facility with loads of other applications.

Moreover, Gmail Support Phone Number do offers instant and reliable technical support services to their users at a very reasonable cost. Gmail Technical Support Number allows the users to get connected with their highly qualified and certified and knowledgeable support team who are capable of fi…

How Users May Avail |1-888-388-1436| Support For Gmail

Everybody is using mail application today because they wants a smart life.It matters that which mail application will be the better option for the users.Gmail has always been on priority among users.People are using it because the features are user friendly.There is assurance that individual will not come under influence of technical issues.

In case,if there will be some rare situation,where individual got stuck with some serious issue,they are required to connect with the support team immediately.To contact the support team,there is need to dial the Gmail technical support phone number.

What are the issues are there for which the users may contact customer support team?

How may I get my Gmail account on Android device?

Why my Gmail account has not been activated till now?

How may I ignore the sending and receiving errors?

How may I complete the “Sign up” efficiently?

How would the gmail account become unresponsive?

Why the account has been suspended?

Why it is difficult to download …


Do you use Gmail? Are you facing any issues related to your Gmail account? If yes, then you are at the correct spot. We, at Gmail Support Team, are always available for you help. The billions of users around the world use Gmail. It is the leading and the most popular email service of the world because of the large number of its fascinating features. Despite of the excellent features and amazing facilities, Gmail users have to face many complex issues. Some of the most common issues faced by the Gmail users are the issues related to changing their password, accessing their Gmail account, adding the signatures, issues while receiving and sending the mails, slow working of their Gmail account, configuration issues with Android, iOS, and Windows Smartphone, attachment issues, hacked Gmail account issues, etc.

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