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How can i recover my gmail account?

Get the way to recover Gmail account

To make your account secure from  hacking you need to enable two step verification process or you need to use a strong password for your account. Gmail account is used by million of users and they may save some personal information on their account. If their account is hacked by someone they need to recover their account to access that information.

How can i recover my gmail account

There are various process to recover your account. You can use your recovery email Id or your registered number to recover your account. You need to go the the sign in page and then enter your email Id. now click on the forgot password option. You will be directed to next page where you have to choose one option either your recovery Id or phone number. Now  a password reset code will be sent on your preference. Enter this code in the box and then type your new password click on save button. Now you can access your account by using the new password.

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what is the phone number for gmail tech support

Google provide a free email service to their users and named that as Gmail. This email service has become so popular and famous that all over the world, there are about billions of Gmail users who prefer using the Gmail account both for personal and professional usage. Inspite of it being one of the best in the digital world, the users do encounter trouble with operating Gmail account. Therein where Gmail Support Number offers a seamless and effortless platform for email exchanges. However, over the years Google has made the world smaller in terms of communications by not just enabling users to send and receive mails but also robust and secure storage facility with loads of other applications.

Moreover, Gmail Support Phone Number do offers instant and reliable technical support services to their users at a very reasonable cost. Gmail Technical Support Number allows the users to get connected with their highly qualified and certified and knowledgeable support team who are capable of fi…