How Do i Change my Phone Number on Google?

Want to Add New Number in Google Account? Get an Expert Solution.

Google Inc introduced unique and excellent features of email service, i.e. Gmail. The user can create an account at free of cost. The Gmail cloud service keep the emails safe and secure, the storage space is marvelous as you can send bulk emails consisting of files, data, music, videos and much more.

Gmail 2 step Authentication keep the user account in safe mode. This process link up the mobile number with an email account and whenever you sign-in with your email address and password, a security code will be sent by the Google on your mobile number and the same code you have to enter in the Gmail sign-in page. Hence it totally secures the account.

Some user often raise an issue “ How do I Change my phone number on Google”? The solution is very simple, just follow these useful steps to resolve this issue.

Google featured multiple apps, and if you have any Google account, then you can use the same with all, such as Gmail, Youtube, Google+ and much more.

Open Google and sign in to “My Account” by entering your correct username and password.

From 'My Account' select “Personal Info and Privacy” and then click on “Your Personal Info”.

Here you will see all the details, now select the 'Phone' section. From that part, click on “Edit” and then enter your new number.

Once you have entered the new number, you will receive a security code in your new number, enter the same to confirm your new number.

After doing this, click on “Save”. A page will redirect you to the Login panel, now follow the same process as mentioned above and enter the security code which you have received in your new number on the Login Page.

Hence, Google made everything easy and it's all app or services are user-friendly. Enjoy Google features in the safe and secure way.


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